What shape of dining table should I choose and why

— Dinning Table

This question troubles a lot of people who wish to buy a new dining table. For some, there seems to be only one option. A rectangular dining table has gained and is continuing to gain ground among consumers and the reason why is obvious: It has the most convenient shape and can fit every room, especially if we consider that most spaces are square and rectangular.

If you have a rectangular space choosing a rectangular dining table seems to be the ideal solution.

It follows the geometry and the lines of the space and its dimensions should be adjusted to the dimensions of the space it will occupy. It is the most convenient and popular shape for both small and larger spaces, it can easily seat a lot of guests while it can be extended with extendable and fold-out features.

If you have a square, out-of-square space or a space of irregular shape, and even more so, if you have a small space, then a round dining table is the shape you should go for.

Not having corners and projections, the round table will perfectly fit in a small kitchen or a small living room, and with the right accessories it will make a beautiful corner in your room.

Finally the elliptical and oval tables are also a wonderful and fresh idea for rectangular spaces that seem to be favored by a lot of people lately since they combine the pros of a rectangular table with the pros of an oval one.

Practicality, adaptability and elegance are their main features, while visually, they create the impression that they occupy less space.

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