Colors speak deeply into our soul and affect our mood

— The psychology of colors

According to psychologists colors have a deep impact on our brain and our soul. That is the reason why people talk about the psychology of color. How can you take advantage of that? By integrating colors into the space where you spend most of your day: your home.

Colors are divided into two categories, cool (green, blue, violet) and warm (red, orange, yellow). Warm colors are associated with feelings such as comfort and warmth or anger, while cool colors are associated with tranquility and sadness. Having this separation as a guideline, we can decide more easily what the most suitable color for every space in our house is:

Green: It represents the union between heaven and earth, the mixture of blue and yellow, thus expressing the balance between a cool and a warm color. It is very relaxing to the eye and gives a sense of concentration (which is exactly why it is used in school boards). This color is ideal for the bedroom, a library, a study room and a nursery.

Blue: The deep blue of the sea inspires and enhances creativity and fights stress. Light blue, a calm and pale variation of blue, represents learning and healthy feelings, while it favors knowledge. Choose a deep blue color for the bedroom or the bathroom and a light blue color for a bedroom and office spaces – where you can also combine it with yellow.

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