We design your idea…

Noto mobili Contract pays attention to the uniqueness of each space. Taking into consideration the space, the climate and the special styling
of each hotel, the company suggests the ideal furniture and the ideal solutions.


Noto mobili has the ability to create tailor made furniture based on your architect’s and interior designer’s layouts.

Project study

For Noto mobili company each project is unique and demands authenticity and innovation.

Choice of colors and materials

The furniture design must be accompanied by the ideal choice of colors and materials so that it can be showed off.

Project completion

The project completion is always in accordance with the initial project design enriched with many improving details.

Quality check

During the accomplishment of the project the experts of Noto mobili supervise the process.


Noto mobile co-operates with the interior designer and the architect during the whole project in order to succeed the best possible result.


Noto mobili pays great attention to the deadlines.  Keeping to the schedules and avoiding further delays are matters of major importance for the company.


Installation of the products by our specialized team.

After Sales

The company is always in state of readiness for the  solution of every problem even after the end of the project.

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